Lia A. Wagner


I was born in Berlin and grew up near Berlin. As a schoolgirl, I started to capture my thoughts in pictures. And used every opportunity to do anything scribble and shape. For my creative urge I used natural materials (clay, ceramics and different painting techniques like watercolor, oil etc.).

In the prestigious Bauhaus successor Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee I was able to gain artistic experience in various fields and was encouraged by the professor to go my own way and to follow my own intention and to use unconventional techniques and ways.

I was able to intensify this especially after graduating as a master student with the painter Werner Liebmann.

I'm fascinated by the transient and morbid in nature and in everyday life.

In my works, I seek to find a balance between unusual and experimental techniques and my inner feeling for colors and shapes.

Some pictures have a long history because I treat and process them several times to find a new expression that is close to my inner experience.

In some works, I figuratively combine proportions with abstraction because there are no words in the language for some situations / feelings.

My creative expression can be found in my exhibition themes. Some examples are:

  •  “Gedanken der Beharrlichkeit” 
     (Thoughts of persistency) - with drawings and paintings on photographs

  •   “Sign of the city” – photo assembly pictures with scenes of Berlin

  •   Abstract art – oil and other paintings, drawings and sculptures

There are many more ideas and projects that interest and fascinate me, which I will pursue in the coming years e.g. art and meditation, color and light therapie.